More about your guide & future coach 

From feeling very lost, traumatised and in constant fear after having breast cancer twice in my thirties, I became dedicated to healing my body with low toxic products, pro-active care with essential oils, yoga, breathwork, meditation  and moving past limiting beliefs that were causing stagnation in my energetic system. I use awareness, mindset reprogramming, journalling and essential oils for this work.

I decided to live my joy and seek to follow my purpose. 

I have blended all of my unique healing modalities and coaching techniques together, with human design and my deep intuition,  to help you deeply transform. I have identified and honed my superpowers. Some of which are my experience, my never-ending quest to learn more, my deep intuition and acceptance of where you are right now. I also see YOU, in all your light and all your potential. AND I am in love with what I do. 

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I get asked a lot which tools I use to run my businesses. I decided to out the links below. If you get started with any of them I am happy to have a chat to help and inspire.