I know that you are so ready to decondition and deeply trust yourself and your unique gifts and strengths, so that you can step into your authentic and magnetic leadership in your soul-led business.


You might be here because your soul is craving trust in yourself, so that you can make the most amazing aligned decisions to take your business in the direction of expansiveness and greater impact.

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To achieve this, you need to illuminate your shadows and your gifts, to own and honour your uniqueness and shine so that your soul clients can find you and your magic.


You know that it is time to keep choosing to expand into your future self and grow the business free of judgement, fear and doubt, the business that your soul contracted to ground into the world.

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The thing is ...

Despite all your heart, your passion and efforts, your social media following, email list and business are in a state of stagnation.

This causes you to feel frustrated, unfocused, lost, and invisible.

You are losing motivation, and you just feel so tired.

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As soon as I learnt the Human Design System and experimented with it, I just knew that I had to weave it into my processes, and create solutions for heart led soulpreneurs like you.

Because I understand what it is like to feel so lost, to not trust myself and doubt every decision I made and worst of all, downplay and not honour my own gifts. Being so out of alignment, I could not see which path to walk. I was creating offer after offer, I felt so frustrated and was on the road to burn out

I caught myself, I invested in myself and began to decondition, to unwind the untruths and limits that were holding me back. To learn about and honour my gifts, to reclaim my power to make aligned decisions, to honour my uniqueness and use it to shine. 

With my skills, embodied wisdom and expertise, in the last 2 years, I have helped many soulpreneurs, at the start of their business and already at the multiple 6 figure mark, realign, decondition, collapse timelines and step into the flow and ease that comes from building a business in their own unique authentic power. 

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After our session,  you will be able to take a deep exhalation, as you realise that when you trust yourself and align to your unique blueprint, you won’t need to mentally figure it all out. You will see the way to enter the flow state, so you will know exactly what takes you off your path, and know how to realign with more speed, so that stagnation is a thing of the past.


In a HUMAN DESIGN FOUNDATIONAL READING with me, we follow this process, and take the first step in what could be the most amazing journey, we focus on:

1.  I will guide you back to be able to see your superpowers, your heart, your shadows, your souls purpose with a deep compassion that helps you fall in love with yourself. When you do, doubt and lack of trust fall away, so that they can be replaced with unapologetic confidence, owning and honouring your strengths so that you are able, to shine and be seen by your soul clients and finally move away from stagnation, it’s time to expand and have the impact your soul came here for. 

2. You will learn how to use your natural energetic aura to attract clients with ease, learn how to work more efficiently and lose the hustle culture and being in your head once and for all. 

3. You will understand how to make aligned decisions so that those things that felt too risky now feel exciting and possible, as you dare to keep stepping into your magnetic future self time and time again. 

4. This will be the beginning of your deconditoning  journey. To enable you to step out of any boxes, limits, cookie cutter approaches that feel icky, that restrict you. So that you can grow your business in an energy of expansion and possibility. 

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Having a Human Design Reading with me is a unique experience. Combining my coaching skills, healing modalities and psychic skills, the reading is more like an activation to help you step into the you that you came here to be. 


Whats included:

A 90 minute zoom call and recording to introduce you to the power and gifts that lay inside of you. I will hold the space to coach through anything that comes up. You will be seen like never before.


  • 30 plus bespoke blueprint
  • 3 days in VOXER with me as a gift to help you truly embody what you learnt, and ask and questions as they come up as you start to experiment. 

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I am a wayshower, my dharma is to guide you back to your souls gifts and power that you were given in this lifetime, your souls purpose. I am here to initiate deeper healing, for you to access the energy and confidence within to step out of the shadows and into your gifts, unapologetically and magnetise your desires in life and business to you.

HD is one of my tools, it illuminates the blueprint of your soul for you to keep remembering your brilliance when you have forgotten. 

I have the tools and there gifts to guide you into your fullest expression if you choose to take your souls evolution to the next iteration. You can learn more below.


Coaches, would you like Human Design Reading weaving into your programs and high level packages? I love collaborating and supporting coaches who love human design but don't have the space to go deep into learning how to read a chart. Whatever your clients are working with, I can help you enhance their transition. Contact me HERE and we can have a chat about the possibilities. 




Karen, thank you so much for your Human Design reading. It was really insightful and I loved learning more about myself and what my chart means. You explained it in such a beautifully personal way - it was obvious that you took time before my reading to study my chart and describe what it means for me - areas of strength and also challenges/shadow.

I loved that you recorded the session so I can go back anytime to watch again - I feel I will be doing this lots! I was drawn to learning more about Human Design and came across you on social media. I loved your introduction videos to Human Design generally - you explain everything so clearly and it was super easy to follow.

The foundation chart reading went into lots of depth and gave me more information than I was expecting. The Blueprint was a great back up to the information you shared in the reading.

Thank you again for helping me understand more about me and learning more about Human Design too.

-Catherine Bowyer Life & Corporate Coach 


Amelia Adrian

"The human design reading gave me permission to be myself. The session I had with you, felt like an energy healing , not just a delivery of information."

Why is having a reading with me different?

I have years of experience as a shamanic practitioner, healer, yoga teacher, life, spiritual and business coaching and am a certified Human Design Reader.

When I look at your chart, I can feel it, I get intuitive hits, and when we work together, I can feel into the aspects of you that you can't see, I can see that areas ready for healing and moving past. I can see the limits that you out around yourself. 

I break down your human design so that you can get to know your design a bit at a time and really embody it, really live it so that you can step into your power and make the changes and work towards the things that light you up.