In this free human design masterclass with a special bonus of  3 exclusive podcasts...

I am going to break down the 7 key elements of the human design system, so that you can discover the power and wisdom of your uniquene human design to build the business that your soul contracted YOU-and only YOU to build.


Learn how understanding & applying your UNIQUE HUMAN DESIGN can give you the codes of unapologetic confidence and aligned business growth.


This is your invitation to watch this replay of a short masterclass, which gives you a tour of the human design system so that you can see the potential and power available to you, when you create from and use your energy in the way you were designed.


Think unapologetic authenticity, the confidence that comes from being all of you, aligned, your bespoke messaging to magnetise your soul client, aligning to your souls purpose, all the codes are there for you to discover and apply as your unique business growth strategy. 


I will teach you how to pull your own chart up and get access to an exclusive and secret podcast series.   

I created this masterclass as …..I know that human design is everywhere. I was resistant to looking at it too, I didn't want to spend my energy or money on another trend.


But - once I learnt more about it on a Dharma Coaching Course …. I was hooked, it was like coming home.


Why would you not use a tool that brings you straight back to your superpowers, your magentism, purpose and show you the areas that you are here to heal, so that you are able to expand your business?


For me and my clients, it really is like a magical miracle  growth pill for your business. (I love plants!)


Just like one of my clients, a multiple six figure powerhouse, who started showing up on TikTok, but it wasn't working. We did the work of going deeper along with some shamanic work to help her align to her uniqueness, now she has gone back to the platform, feels authentic, is being herself, no more shoulds, and signed a £30k client from there.



🎙The 3 secret & exclusive podcasts cover

1: The Importance of Dharma and Incarnation Cross in your business

2. How to gain clarity and get unstuck in your business with human design

3. Becoming Irresistibly Magnetic

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 I’m Karen Jackson, a 1/3 Emotional Generator and Psychic, HD & Shamanic Business Coach, Yoga Teacher, abstract artist and  ……… basically multi passionate and loving living life, learning, sharing what I learn and having wild experiences (⅓ profile).

I am not here to follow the path carved by society and neither are you, that is why you are here. Looking back once I had learnt human design, I realised that I had always listened to my sacral response, from running away from the doors going into a new job which would have taken me down the wrong path, to deciding to share my art work and sold two pieces instantly…my gut leads the way. 

As we get into business, it's all new, we are beginners and we start to look for the answers outside of ourselves. Strategy is important, I teach that, but aligned with your unique magnetism and voice. Your strategy, not someone else's. 

When I started to apply my human design  to my business, it all changed, and all my life made sense, I feel in love with myself again, I increased my confidence, published  that book that had been swirling around my mind, as one of my channels is all about my ideas needed in the world and I have storyteller all through my chart. It helped me see decisions clearly and I have not looked back. 

My dharma, my souls contract is to help you get aligned so that you can keep evolving at soul level and your business grows to make the impact and legacy that on the world that your soul came here to do. 

Why is it different learning about your human design with me?

I have years of experience as a shamanic practitioner, healer, yoga teacher, life, spiritual and business coaching and am a certified Human Design Reader.

When I look at your chart, I can feel it, I get intuitive hits, and when we work together, I can feel into the aspects of you that you can't see, I can see that areas ready for healing and moving past. I can see the limits that you put around yourself. 

I break down your human design so that you can get to know your design a bit at a time and really embody it, really live it so that you can step into your power and make the changes and work towards the things that light you up. I am the queen of embodiment (that ⅓ profile again!), there is no need knowing your human design if you are not going to apply it, experiment with it and get into action with it.