Exploring the Depths of Shamanic Work and Soul Retrieval

Sep 01, 2023

Exploring the Depths of Shamanic Work and Soul Retrieval

In this episode of the ‘Come Sit Around the Fire’ Podcast, I share my experience working in the  realms of shamanic work and soul retrieval. I look at the intricacies of these practices, their significance, and a recent personal experience that led me to a new level of understanding.


Embracing the Path of a Shamanic Practitioner

For over two decades, I have immersed myself in the sacred world of shamanic work. My journey has been shaped by the guidance of wise teachers who inherited ancient wisdom from diverse cultures and lineages, including the Lakota people and the other cultures Shamanic Practises. I always acknowledge the privilege and responsibility that comes with this practice.

Lost Connections: The Disconnection from Our Land

In our modern world, we have grown disconnected from the land that nurtures us. The separation from our natural surroundings and the ancestral knowledge that once thrived is palpable. We find ourselves confined to spaces that lack the deep connection and resonance that the land can provide. Our disconnection from the land is, in many ways, a reflection of our estrangement from the wisdom of shamanic practices that honour the interconnectedness of all things.

Bridging Worlds: The Shaman's Role and the Quantum Field

Shamanic work is a bridging of worlds—walking gracefully between the 3D physical realm and the quantum field, also known as the 5D. The shaman is not detached from practical reality; rather, they are firmly grounded in the present while possessing the ability to journey into the unseen. This skill allows them to access insights, healing, and knowledge that transcend the limitations of ordinary perception.

Unveiling Soul Retrieval: Restoring Wholeness

One of the profound practices within shamanism is soul retrieval. Life's traumas can cause fragments of our soul to disperse, leaving us feeling incomplete. Imagine your aura as a mosaic of shattered glass—these fragments hold pieces of our essence. Through soul retrieval, these shards are tenderly called back, reintegrating them into our being. This practice allows us to reclaim parts of ourselves that were once lost or forgotten.

Embracing the Fire Within: A Personal Soul Retrieval

Recently, I embarked on a soul retrieval journey for myself. I could feel that aspects of my soul needed to be called back. This process was both powerful and transformative. One fragment carried a blazing fire—a fire fuelled by unresolved anger. Recognising this, I allowed myself to fully experience this emotion, honouring its presence and understanding its origin. In doing so, I embraced my full range of emotions, no longer suppressing my fire, but allowing it to ignite my passion and purpose instead of consuming me.

Transformation Through Coaching: A New Approach

My experience of this soul retrieval led me to realise the profound interplay between shamanic work and coaching. While the traditional approach to soul retrieval often involves sharing messages and practices, I recognised that transformation requires deeper support. Integrating coaching into this process enhances the journey, providing space for reflection, understanding, and guidance as we welcome back and tend to the fragments of our soul.

The Unending Journey

My journey into shamanic work and soul retrieval is an ongoing exploration, one that intertwines my role as a shamanic practitioner and a coach. As we navigate the labyrinth of our existence, remember that there is no destination—only an unending journey of growth, connection, and transformation.

I hope that you enjoyed this episode. Reach out with your reflections or questions. If you would like to have your own shamanic and coaching experience, I offer this in ‘Reclamation’ You can learn more HERE.

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