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This integrative coaching and shamanic soul retrieval session, may be the missing piece for you as a heart and soul-led entrepreneur, ready to take your business to the next level, and become more visible so that your soul client's can see you. 


You have done all the courses, learnt all the amazing strategies. BUT ... You are not feeling at full power, you know it is time to do the deeper work to align your mastery with your soul energy and grow your BELIEF. Belief is an amplifier in your business, is yours turned on to full power?


At different stages in our business, as soul-led entrepreneurs, we can all feel scattered, lost, and out of alignment. Perhaps you are operating from an old way of being, but you don't know how to embody the real you now, this future version. Or, you feel the next offering coming through, that showcases your years of skill and experience, all of your magic, but you have a deep fear of being seen and judged, or claiming the label of expert. You can't quite bring yourself to go there YET. 


I understand all of the above, I have encountered them on my own journey. I know how it feels to play it small and be disconnected from the power and talents that you were born with.  I know how it feels to dishonour and abandon myself by not seeing my own heart, soul, brilliance and dedication to mastery of my zone of genius. I also know how it feels to own my gifts, to honour my expertise and mastery - it feels amazing, and I am attracting the most aligned soul client's like magic.


Being disconnected from your soul power will affect your business growth, in these ways and more:

-stagnation in the growth of your income, client base, followers  

-feeling frustrated and  falling in and out of love with your business.

-feeling & being unnoticed despite your established expertise

-not feeling free to bring the offerings that you know would transform your clients life into your  product suite

-undervaluing your offers and the potential of your clients


Reclamation, can help you reclaim your power, reconnect to your intuition, find your alignment, and your unique voice, so that you can transmute the frustration of feeling like an invisible treasure into being a magnetic leader, expert and voice in your industry.


Your soul clients need you visible and owning your gifts, talents and expertise. You chose this path for a reason. 

Book your soul RECLAMATION - £177

Reclamation is an embodied form of Shamanic Soul Retrieval, weaving together this ancient and spiritual healing modality with a coaching and strategy session, to support you in your journey towards Visibility and Abundance.  In the session, I bring part of your energy back that caused you to feel powerless, it could be from a limiting belief or fear, we then go deep into coaching and create strategies to honour your power and weave your desires into your business and increase your visibility. 


This is not just about rediscovering lost parts of yourself; it is a way to step into your full power, with energy, belief and strategy.


Imagine having the confidence to be visible, the courage to speak your truth, and the clarity to take decisive action and leaps.

Why Soul Retrieval?

  •  Break Through Stagnation: If your business has hit a plateau, if you have reached a set point in terms of followers, clients and income that you just can't seem to get past. This powerful combination of energetic work, coaching and strategy can help you move past this limit to get your business growing again and make a deeper impact.

  •  Own Your Worth: As a soul-led entrepreneur, your soul clients need you visible, owning your worth, feeling whole and powerful. When you feel like this, you are able to powerfully position yourself, showcase your value, and magnetise the right clients without compromising your integrity.

  •  Be Seen, Be Heard: No-more feeling like the world's best-kept secret, when you are aligned, you are able to come out of hiding, to be visible, to shine in your own authentic way.

  •  I understand the healer's wound: The tendency to do for everyone else while neglecting yourself. That's why your soul retrieval journey is a profound investment in yourself, allowing for more ease, abundance, and success.

  •  It is time to be visible: Don't let your brilliance remain hidden. It's time to call back those lost parts of yourself, so that you can stand fully in your power, and give yourself permission to be seen.

    The world is waiting for your unique gifts. Are you ready to be truly visible, magnetic, and successful?


We will meet in zoom, as Shamanic healing does not have barriers of time or location. (I will send full  details of how to prepare your space before we meet to you via email.)


The soul retrieval will take about 15 minutes, this is a time for you to de-stress as I guide you into a state of deep relaxation.


Following this, we will have an integrative coaching session, to go through what I channeled for you, and to get some action points to begin your path to step into your own power, voice and magnetism, to break through the set-points that had been holding you back. 

What 's included:

 👉 75 minute on-line session

👉 Recording, so that you can revise strategies and alignment steps to integrate this work.


💎 1 day Voxer Support, to answer any questions and help keep you aligned.

Book your soul RECLAMATION - £177

Soul retrieval has profound and transformative benefits for you as a heart and soul-led entrepreneur seeking to elevate your journey. You are navigating the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship whilst staying true to your heart and soul. The transformative power of soul retrieval can be a business changer for you. Some of the potential benefits for you are ...

1. Reclaiming Wholeness: Building and running your own business is demanding on your energy, emotions and nervous system. You can find yourself scattered, and lose parts of yourself along the way. Soul retrieval restores these fragments, allowing you to reclaim your sense of wholeness. This completeness radiates through your work, relationships, and decisions. When you feel whole, you become magnetic

2. Igniting Intuition: Intuition is your secret power. Through soul retrieval, your intuitive abilities are reignited and heightened. As you integrate the retrieved soul parts, you tap into a wisdom that guides you in making aligned choices, uncovering innovative solutions, and being drawn to the best path in your business.

3. Amplifying Authenticity: Authenticity is the cornerstone of your heart and soul-led entrepreneurship. Soul retrieval enables you to shed societal conditioning and embody your true self. This authenticity magnetises your brand, attracts clients and opportunities that resonate with your unique essence.

4. Healing and Release: Entrepreneurial journeys often come with moments of challenge and self-doubt. Soul retrieval addresses the wounds that might hinder your progress, releasing stagnant energies and emotional blocks. This healing promotes resilience, enabling you to navigate opportunities with grace and courage.

5. Alignment with Purpose: Driven by a deep sense of purpose, you will find soul retrieval instrumental in aligning your mission with your actions. As you reintegrate soul fragments, you unlock a clearer sense of purpose, enabling you to craft strategies and offerings that are in harmony with your soul's calling.

6. Expanding Creativity: Creativity is essential in entrepreneurship. Soul retrieval enhances your creative expression by opening channels to your subconscious mind and the quantum field. You will be able to channel fresh ideas, artistic innovation, and unique approaches to problem-solving.

7. Strengthening Resonance: Your energy signature influences your business's vibrational resonance. Soul retrieval amplifies this resonance, attracting soul clients, collaborators, and opportunities that are energetically aligned with your intentions. This enhances the entrepreneurial journey's flow and synchronicity.

8. Embracing the Unknown: Entrepreneurship naturally entails venturing into the unknown. Soul retrieval helps you become more comfortable with the unknown, as you integrate parts of yourself that have been lost to fear or uncertainty. This will allow you to take bold steps into the unknown. You are here to go into the unknown to bring new things into the world, to innovate not to copy.

9. Enhancing Leadership: As a heart and soul-led entrepreneur you are a natural leader. Soul retrieval refines your leadership abilities by fine tuning your inner wisdom, compassion, and strength. Supporting you to lead from a place of authenticity and vision, inspiring your teams and soul clients.

10. Deepening Connection: Entrepreneurship can be isolating, but soul retrieval fosters a profound connection—with yourself, nature, and the universal energies. It will help you to cultivate a sense of belonging and interconnectedness that fuels your work and empowers you to carry on creating impact.

Incorporating shamanic soul retrieval healing into your journey is a powerful way to align your inner world with your business. This transformative process will enrich your entrepreneurial path and also nourish your spirit, enabling you to thrive and make a lasting impact on the world.

Book your soul RECLAMATION - £177

There is so much I could write about soul retrieval, which I will do below, if you like to listen, I recorded this podcast episode. Shamanic teachers use the voice to tell the stories. To honour the way that shamanic teachings are passed down, by stories, from voice to ear.

Take a pause for a moment, get a drink, grab your headphones and spend a few minutes with me, or if you love reading, keep scrolling below.  

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