The Spiritual Entrepreneur's Guide to Cacao Ceremonies: How to Bring More Heart to Your Business

cacao ceremony creativity healing heart-based business integration manifestation mindfulness self-discovery spiritual entrepreneurs Apr 07, 2023

As a spiritual entrepreneur, I know that you will be on a soul and energy level committed to creating a business that's in alignment with your values and you are passionate about helping your clients, customers, community connect with their own spirituality.

But have you ever considered integrating cacao ceremonies into your offerings?

Learning to hold cacao ceremonies can be a powerful addition to your business:

  1. It helps you connect more deeply with your clients

When you hold a cacao ceremony for your clients, you're creating a space for them to connect with their hearts and with each other. This can lead to deeper conversations, more meaningful connections, and a greater sense of community. By integrating cacao ceremonies into your offerings, you're signaling to your clients that you're committed to holding space for their healing and growth.

  1. It's a powerful tool for manifestation

Cacao ceremonies can be used as a tool for manifestation, as the heart-opening properties of cacao can help you connect with your desires and bring them into reality. By setting intentions during a cacao ceremony, you're signaling to the universe that you're ready to receive what you truly desire.

  1. It can help you connect with your own spirituality

As a spiritual entrepreneur, it's important to take time to connect with your own spirituality and to nourish your own soul. Holding cacao ceremonies daily for yourself can be a powerful way to do this, as it allows you to connect with the divine and to deepen your own spiritual practice. Plus, when you're more connected with yourself, you're better able to show up for your clients and to create offerings that truly serve them.

  1. It sets you apart from other spiritual entrepreneurs

While there are many spiritual entrepreneurs out there, not all of them offer cacao ceremonies. By integrating cacao ceremonies into your offerings, you are setting yourself apart from others in your field and showing that you're committed to offering unique and powerful experiences for your clients.

If you are a coach, yoga teacher, or reiki master looking to bring more heart to your business, consider learning to hold cacao ceremonies. It's a powerful way to deepen your own spirituality, connect more deeply with your clients, and create offerings that truly serve them.

I have listened to the call to teach a very deep, holistic way to hold ceremony, honouring the origins and the culture that cacao ceremonies were birthed from. Weaving in my 20 years of being a shamanic practitioner, energy worker, healer and space holder to bring you a beautiful portal and space for your own healing. 


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