An invitation to you as a spiritual teacher, leader, healer, yoga teacher, & soul-led coach, to become a certified cacao facilitator & sacred circle space holder.

Imagine guiding your clients through a cacao ceremony before diving into coaching or healing sessions, or a group through a heart centred circle.

Picture the energy shift as they arrive at their centre, grounded and open to receive.

What would the energy be like, would they be more open, more self aware, do you think that you would be able to go even deeper with them, to have a more transformative session, that they can’t stop talking about?

As you deepen your own spiritual practice, you'll notice a profound impact on your coaching and teaching abilities. Your clients will experience a-ha moments that lead to lasting transformation in their lives and businesses.

Are you ready to expand your community, offerings and client experiences? To stand out, to be seen at this next level version of yourself?

Skillful space holding, allows the a-has’s to drop in, it allows us all to see and accept, to love all of ourselves, so that we can step into our power, our uniqueness and build the business that we came here to do. In this portal you will learn how to do this. Cacao ceremonies and  circle holding when done with heart, can hold an energy for you to uplevel your own and your clients energetic vibration. You have heard that ‘Everything is energy’ - maybe it’s time to grow your business with an energetic and community based addiction to your offer suite.   

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♡It is time to add another modality and service that aligns with your soul's purpose. You just know and feel that it is time to become a certified cacao facilitator and sacred circle space holder.


As a spiritual teacher, leader, healer, yoga instructor, or soul-led coach, you have felt the pull towards creating deeper connections with your clients. Seen the rise in demand for ethical, heart-centred practices in spiritual, personal development and business spaces. Your business isn't just about transactions; it's about embodying your dharma, your soul's true calling.


Cacao ceremonies and sacred circles offer a profound opportunity to nurture community, soothe the nervous system, and facilitate deep soul connections and awareness. It is more than just leading; it is holding space for transformation and growth. By adding cacao facilitation to your skillset, you are not only expanding your offerings but also creating the space for your clients to go to their next level in their souls evolution. 


You may feel the drive to explore cacao facilitation but unsure where to begin. Rest assured, this training is designed to honor your unique essence. You don't need to fit into any mold or wear a specific attire. This is about discovering your own authentic style of space holding, rooted in respect for the sacred traditions of cacao ceremonies.


I have devoted over 21 years of experience as a shamanic practitioner, spiritual teacher, entrepreneur, and yoga teacher into crafting this training. I am here to share the wisdom I have gathered along my journey, empowering you to step into your leadership role in your UNIQUENESS, with unapologetic CONFIDENCE and authenticity.


Join me in spreading the ripple of heart medicine and community, through the sacred art of cacao facilitation. Your heart medicine is needed in the world, and this training is your next step towards making a meaningful impact.


I have decided to teach this course now, because teaching and holding space are 2 of my superpowers. I have been a shamanic practitioner,  spiritual teacher and entrepreneur for over 21 years and a yoga teacher for 12 years. It is time now for me to teach all the things that I have learnt in this time, and as a human design and dharma coach, I want you confident to hold space and circle in YOUR own unique way. 

I run monthly on-line cacao ceremonies and regular in person circles, the more I do, the more I see how needed they are, especially for busy, overworked women. Nervous system regulation and sisterhood are a way we can get our power back. 




Included in this portal:

♡ Self-Paced course portal with 6  modules to deeply immerse and embody yourself in the art of space holding. The full module is listed in the FAQ at the bottom of the page. 

♡Access to a monthly live Facebook Q & A, and ongoing access to ask me questions int he portal. To help you stay supported as you develop and integrate this way of holding space in your offerings and life. This is the difference between learning and embodying. 

♡Quarterly live (zoom)cacao circles and flash coaching. You will get access to these or 12 months from the date of your initial investment. 

There will be a community space and potential to find practice partners, to support you and build confidence in your powers.

4 assessed case studies, to provide a space for you to apply your newly learnt knowledge and remembrance of your powers.

Each module will have an assessment to help you absorb the information and create practical content for your new offerings.



Protect Your Power Masterclass, to cleanse and protect your energy worth £111

Ongoing Support in the community and zoom space, for 12 months. Valued at £99 each month, this is an incredible (maybe crazy offer on my part!)

Exclusive  Pre-Sale Founders Investment...

I love offering a  founders investment in exchange for successful client case studies.


This is your exclusive limited offer which will be available until the 28th April 2024Then the price will increase to £555.


YOU CAN BE CERTIFIED IN AS LITTLE AS 1 MONTHS, OR TAKE YOUR TIME. Whatever the pace you choose you will still get ongoing support & access to the portal.  


With this very special founders you will receive :

  •  The Return to the Heart Portal, which at full price will be £666

  •  12 months access to the community space and x 1 live Q and A session with me a month, valued at £660

  • 4 Quarterly live zoom cacao ceremonies including flash coaching and mentorship over a period of 12 months, valued at  £400

  •  Protect Your Power Masterclass £111

A Total of £1,837

You Pay £444 & Save £1,393




  • Ongoing access to the Return to the Heart Portal
  • Ongoing access to the community space with my support
  • 12 months access to the quarterly live zoom sessions
  • With the PAY IN FULL OPTION YOU ALSO GET a 30 minute coaching session (Not available as standalone) 
  • Protect Your Power Masterclass


3 monthly payments of £148

  • Ongoing access to the Return to the Heart Portal
  • Ongoing access to the community space with my support
  • 12 months access to the quarterly live zoom sessions
  • Protect Your Power Masterclass

Why me…

I have trained in western coaching, in different disciplines of eastern spirituality, teaching & healing for over 20 years. I have such a wide range of varied experiences and embodiment in many disciplines, and I believe lifetimes, wisdom and deep intuition. I hold such a sacred and holistic space for you to grow into the fullest expression of you. 

I am a trained and certified coach, I completed the first round of Sahara Rose's Dharma Coaching Institute, specialising in dharma, spiritual life purpose coaching, I am trained in traditional life coaching, and I did a Danielle La Porte Desire Map Facilitator training. 

I am also a certified human design reader and weave this into the course

I am a intuitive psychic medium, I can see, I can feel to go deep and coach you on another level.

I am a healer (trained in reiki/shamanic practises/soul retrieval/cacao ceremonies and essential oil aromapoint, EFT)

I am an author, a thought leader and a truth speaker 

I am breast cancer survivor x 2, I have learnt how to live and heal myself and I have deep empathy and compassion and know when to get strict and when to hold space

I am a teacher, specialising in yoga and somatic

I decided to live life to embody all the knowledge I absorb and embody it

I am a creative so I love to weave beauty into my creations to give you an experience and fall in love with your own uniqueness.

I combine all of this, you get an immersive complete spiritual and practical transformative experience. Years of my study and practical embodiment of devotion to my own dharma. 

I also deeply trust myself, I have fallen in love with my own uniqueness, I quantum leap fearlessly into my own dharma after many years of playing small. I trust my space holding, my teaching, my healing and coaching abilities - deeply. I live aligned to my human design and trust the universe has me and you if you allow yourself the space to let go and fall into your future self.