Why it is essential to protect your energetic field daily.

cleansing energy work psychic sage soulpreneur Nov 07, 2022

You’ve nailed your bodily hygiene, but have you ever thought about your energetic hygiene? Learn why it is essential to protect your energetic field daily...

Quantum physics has proven that we are vibrational beings, that we are affected by our thoughts, by other peoples thoughts, emotions and actions, by wi-fi, by electromagnetic fields, by the world, both in a positive sense and a not so positive sense. 

We know that being by the sea or in a forest affects your'e wellbeing positively because of the negative ions. These invisible atoms carry an electrical charge that counter balance the stress on your physical, energetic and emotional wellness. Positive ions are found all over the societies that we live in and our homes, such as (pollution, pesticides, radiation etc). These all cause damage to our bodies.

The negative ions once in our bodies, begin a biochemical reaction known to help soothe stress and support low mood, they also activate the bodies immune system. 

Physically, pure essential oils, detoxing your self care and house products, ditching the toxic candles, managing stress with meditative practises and yoga, or running, getting out in nature more, more whole foods and filtered water can all help the body and mind. 

We are more than our body and our mind though. We have an energy field known as the aura that extends approximately 7 foot around our body, that interacts with the world around us, and energy runs through the body. 

If we don’t protect and cleanse our energetic field from the energy of others, we can be affected. We can have a lower mood, physical symptoms, feel cloudy and unsure of ourselves. 

On a spiritual level, we can create cords between us, a bit like an energetic umbilical cord that bind us energetically. We can also pick up peoples negative opinions of us, cruel words spoken to us and behind our back, even in the unknown we feel the energy of this intention. Sitting next to a soul that is in a really low place, can even start to bring your energy down. 

Everyday, I start the day and close the day cleansing and protecting my energy with intention, visualisation, cleansing herbs such as rosemary and sage and essential oils. I will be doing some blogs and videos soon about making your own smudge sticks and talking about this blog in more depth. You can subscribe in the side column or at the bottom of the page to make sure that you don't miss any of these. 

I take my energy seriously and that of my clients and students. 

I have come across a few cases over the 19 years that I have been doing reiki, shamanic and energy work, where cords and energy have been so intertwined it is seriously and negatively impacted my client. This is another blog, and I am aware it might not resonate with everyone! 

I want to invite you to start to inquire as to how you feel when you have been around certain people or environments, do you feel energised, uplifted? Or drained and not feeling quite yourself? Start to observe, to feel the truth in your body.

I coach and mentor soulpreneurs, in order to show up in your power, in your fullest expression, with passion and commitment, your energy needs to be your own. Being linked to another's auric field dims your light and can often pull you away from sharing your gifts and offers, cause confusion, lack of clarity and feelings  of not being good enough. It is super important that you surround yourself with people that light you up and manage your energetic hygiene. 

I never ask anyone to believe everything that I say. I share my belief's and what helps me. Some of what I share may resonate with you and some may not. Take what does and leave what doesn’t. 

A good place to start cleansing and protecting your energy, is to imagine a beautiful protective bubble around you in the morning, and when in the shower, imagine the water cleansing any energy that you might have picked up from others around you that day, imagine it all going down the plughole to be transformed and cleansed by nature. 

I would love to know how this resonates for you.  

Written and posted with lots of love Karen 

PS: I have a masterclass on this subject for spiritual soulpreneurs , holistic therapist, energy and light-workers and change-makers to learn my technique for cleansing and protecting, along with a guided meditation and recording of the masterclass that is yours to keep and return to whenever you feel called, along with a space to ask me questions, so that you can shine in your fullest expression and manage your energy at the level you need to work at. You are needed.


Or you might feel like you would like an energetic spring cleanse, I do this in a session that I have called UNBIND 


PPS I wrote a book this year called ‘Overwhelmed and other words you give your power away to’ to guide you to a deeper self awareness. 


PPPS If you feel that you would like some energetic assistance to unbind your energy, I will be creating an offer soon, or if it is urgent you can DM me, this is something that I have been doing a lot of recently. 

PPPS If you would like to learn more about essential oils for this matter, get onto my mailing list as I will be offering something special soon. 


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