Some questions to ponder in relation to episode 35 of the Come Sit Around the Fire Podcast

Mar 27, 2024

You can listen to the full episode >>>HERE<<<  

 Grab a pen and paper, maybe a cup of cacao and ponder ...

  1. How do you currently embrace change and uncertainty in your personal and professional life, and how has it impacted your growth?

  2. Can you recall a moment when listening to your soul led you to make a decision that significantly impacted your life or career?

  3. What are your superpowers, and how did you identify them? How do you leverage these strengths in your business?

  4. Reflecting on your challenges, what areas of your life do you feel you struggle with the most, and what steps are you taking to confront these challenges?

  5. Have you ever sought personalised support for your business or personal growth? What was your experience, and how did it impact your journey?

  6. How has being adaptable and flexible in the face of uncertainty helped you seize opportunities that align with your true purpose?

  7. What practices help you tune into your soul's calling and ensure your actions align with your innermost desires and purpose?

  8. How do you audit your life to identify your superpowers as well as the challenges you face, and how does this introspection contribute to your personal and professional development?

I hope you enjoyed these journal questions, Sending Love Karen 

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