Permission to rest

Sep 23, 2022

Beautiful soul,  I wanted to remind you, as  I think that we all need to remember sometimes to slow down. To remind you that you have, (well you don't need it) but you have in this moment permission to rest. 

In my membership space, called UNBOUND, this summer I created a lesson about the collective need to slow down, to really work on ironically, slowing and pausing.  I could feel the collective sign, the release. I got so many messages from my students saying how much they needed to hear that message. Thanking me. 

Even though I am in the yoga industry and the wellness space, for me, there is nothing like going to yoga class in front of my teacher or online and her saying, relax your face, soften your jaw, soften your shoulders, slow the breath.

It is delicious. My whole body responds.

Until you actively do that, you don't realise how much of an effect busyness, going so quickly has upon your nervous system, your body and your breath.

You don't realise until you've released ,how tightly you were bound, how tense your muscles were, how tight your jaw was and how wired your nervous system is.

I just felt called to give you permission to rest and remind you that it's so important.

Nature needs to rest. You are part of nature. You're not superior to nature. You are not a robot that has this never ending supply of energy. You need to recharge your batteries daily. You need to soothe your nervous system daily, and some days you'll need to rest or stop more than others. 

If nature didn't take a pause, her abundance of fruit or flowers, wouldn't be as evident the year after if she kept going, the quality of her fruit would just get less and less. It would get diluted.

She rests, she recharges, and then she's ready to go again. I look at our apple trees, they're getting better and better each year, more and more fruit, juicier, more colourful after the rest.

So you never need permission to rest.

However, if you feel that you do because of a lot of us are in this feel guilty if we rest,  to got to keep going state, because of our programming from society. If you feel that you need permission, you have my a hundred percent permission. 

Schedule some additional rest in today and some rest in for the remainder of the week or the month. And just be curious about how that feels to you. This is a way that we get our power back in so many ways. 

Sending Love K xxx

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