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cancer carcinogens emotions endocrine disrupting hormones essential oils health perfume toxins wellness Jan 14, 2020
Perfume, I used to love it, I had one particular scent that I loved so much, until I had breast cancer. After that, I started to look at what things in my lifestyle could cause cancer. As someone addicted to learning, I was in heaven but also horrified at what I discovered. The video above is one I recorded a few years ago but still very relevant. (13 minutes long)
I really recommend having a watch of STINK on Netflix. Perfume/Parfum/Fragrance is what I view as a toxic soup of chemicals, carcinogens, neuro toxins & other nasties that you would not have anywhere near you. Let alone apply to the skin & breathe in, which leads to it entering your blood stream, cicrulating through your body & having to be filtered through the already overloaded liver. 
Harmful fragrance is in so many cleaning, body, skincare products and don't get me started on laundry detergent, fabric conditioner and air fresheners! 
The perfume industry gets away without disclosing the ingredients as they are 'proprietary recipes.' Its not OK, to me its criminal, selling products with ingredients KNOWN to harm our health. How can this be? 
Because of this,  I am so passionate and dedicated to educate about the power of doTERRA essential oils to help with high level cellular health, and removing the harmful toxins from our lives.  I am totally committed to help people up level their health & I do not have anything in my house or on my body with toxins in them.
Instead of toxin soup scent, I now roll one of my  doTERRA essential oils over my pulse points, then run my hands through my hair for a beautiful purely natural scent. I get so many compliments about how amazing I smell. At the same time I am enhancing my health and manage my emotions. 
My Pure-fume can help support my immune system, balance my hormones, keep me calm, uplift my mood and so much more as well as not harming me.
I really wish I had found doTERRA earlier, these oils came into my life 7 years after my 1st diagnosis. My health is so much better now. I am rarely ill and feel more vital. 
The oils also helped bring me back from the brink of anxious feelings after my 2nd bout of cancer. I love to teach my customers how to manage their emotions. 
I teach people all over the World how to use these oils for emotional and physical health, for any age,  if you would like a complimentary consult to see if these oils and my mentorship are a fit for you click the essential oil image in the sidebar. 
Sending lots of love 

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