If there was one question I had to ask a Generator Soulpreneur, it would be …

May 15, 2024

If there was one question I had to ask a Generator Soulpreneur, it would be …

How are your boundaries?

Why? The inviting warmth of your aura when you are aligned magnetises your soul clients to you.

People just feel drawn to you, which is perfect if you have boundaries and awareness of what your sacral is asking you to spend your time, energy and focus on.

It is vital to take a pause and have an audit of your client base, your business operating practises, your offers and your product suite, to see if they are still aligned. To go to your next level, you need to be aware of whether you are honouring your boundaries, if they are draining you, causing any frustration.

As you evolve, your business will evolve too, and it is important you have space to reflect and refine.

Your magic is to protect your sacral energy and vitality on what is aligned, think of your boundaries as a beautiful fire pit to contain your fire, so no-one gets burnt, but just warmly nourished.

I have created a divine MINI-MIND for generators and manifesting generators to have an audit. To bring one area of your business into a hybrid teaching, energy management and live in real time coaching, to get laser focused. To master the highest level of your human design before you discover your unique nuances that will shape your strategy so that you will always effortlessly be able to move into your next level.

This mini mind will guide you to reclaim the sovereignty and power of your sacral knowing, your gut response, your intuition, so that you can apply your ‘wait to respond’ strategy, into your personal strategy and the energetic soul codes contained in your blueprint.


You can learn more and access HERE.

Here are 5 action points for Soul-Led Manifesting Generator Entrepreneurs

  1. Reflect on Your Boundaries: Take a moment to assess the state of your boundaries. Are they clear and firm, or are they in need of adjustment? Recognise that maintaining healthy boundaries is essential for preserving your sacral energy and vitality.

  2. Audit Your Business Practices: Conduct a thorough audit of your client base, business operations, offers, and product suite. Evaluate whether they are still aligned with your current goals and values. Make necessary adjustments to ensure that your business reflects your evolving self.

  3. Refine Your Offers: Refine your offerings to ensure that they resonate with your soul clients and align with your unique gifts and talents. Your magic lies in offering services and products that authentically reflect who you are and what you have to offer.

  4. Protect Your Energy: Treat your boundaries as a sacred fire pit that contains and nurtures your energy. Learn to discern what truly aligns with your soul's purpose and prioritise those endeavors. Guard your energy fiercely and invest it only in activities that nourish and uplift you.

  5. Join the Mini-Mind Program: Take advantage of the Mini-Mind program designed specifically for generators and manifesting generators. Participate in hybrid teaching sessions, energy management exercises, and real-time coaching to gain clarity and focus in your business. Grab this opportunity to master the highest level of your human design and elevate your business to the next level.

As a sacral being, regular audits in the present are vital to keep you aligned and moving towards and through your next level. 


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