Manifesting generators are you confusing your audience?

business woman heart-based business human design spiritual entrepreneurs May 14, 2024

Beautiful mani-generator being - You are designed to be a multi-passionate, multifaceted soulful sacral entrepreneur - please be all of that, be all of you, allow your multidimensional nature to shine.

BUT - NOT if it is a form of sabotage.

NOT if behind the scenes you feel like a hot mess & your business feels chaotic.


I see so many multi-passionates give their power away to the next thing, the next thing - keep adding to their tool kit, their offer suite, they love something, they train in it, they share - over & over again.

It’s the same with the strategy courses, you keep hoping that the next course will be the one to take you to the next level, to solve all your problems. (Or was that just me?)

You have done so many courses, you could be an instagram reels expert, or a funnel building strategist for a living.

THIS ISN’T what you are here for.

I see multifaceted beings, hiding their true message, power & passion behind so many offers.

THE THING IS, you are the offer, all your modalities & lived experience, your innate gifts are the offer.

You just need to find the aligned product suite of soul client magnetising offers to allow you to be all of you, your clients to receive all of your magic & be able to create copy that your future clients resonate with & can self identify with.

If you hear from your clients and followers that you inspire them, BUT they are not investing, they could be are confused, taken aback by all the busy-ness, so that they can’t see themselves in your offers.

Time to refine, time to work with a shamanic business coach & healer who has worked through all of that & understands how exhausting it is & that it is stopping you hitting your next income level in your business.

It might be time to refine, use the list of action points that I have created below to audit how you are using your time and energy, and ponder whether it is time to work with a shamanic business coach & healer who has worked through all of that & understands how exhausting it is & that it is stopping you hitting your next income level in your business.

BECAUSE- Your clients need you full of vitality & passion, not burnt out.

Action Points for Soul-Led Manifesting Generator Entrepreneurs

  1. Embrace Your Multifaceted Nature: Recognise that your multi-passionate, multifaceted soul is your greatest asset. Allow yourself to embody all aspects of your being and let your multidimensional nature shine through in your business. Think about where you are holding yourself back, and how you can integrate YOU into your business more.

  2. Avoid Sabotage: Be mindful of your actions and choices. While embracing your diversity is important, ensure that it doesn't lead to self-sabotage. Take a step back and assess whether you're many offers are enhancing or hindering your business growth.

  3. Focus on Alignment, Not Chaos: Strive for alignment in your business rather than chaos. Resist the urge to constantly chase after the next big thing or overload yourself with endless courses and offerings. Instead, focus on refining your existing strategies and aligning them with your soul's purpose.

  4. You Are the Offer: Remember that you are the heart and soul of your business. Your unique blend of modalities, experiences, and innate gifts is what sets you apart. Don't hide behind a plethora of offers; let your authenticity shine through and become the magnetizing force that attracts your soul clients.

  5. Refine and Align: Take the time to refine your offerings and ensure they align with your soul's calling. If your clients and followers are inspired by your message but hesitant to invest, it may be a sign of confusion. Work with a shamanic business coach and healer to refine your approach and overcome any obstacles preventing you from reaching your next income level.

  6. Invest in Self-Care: Your vitality and passion are crucial to the success of your business. Prioritise self-care and avoid burnout by nurturing your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

  7. Join the Mini-Mind Program: Take advantage of the Mini-Mind program starting on June 2nd to dive deeper into mastering your human design strategy. Bring one area of your business that you'd like to focus on and I will guide you in aligning it with your highest self.

By implementing these action points, you can harness the power of your multifaceted nature as a soul-led manifesting generator entrepreneur and create a business that truly reflects your essence.

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In this container you bring one area of your business that you would like to focus on so that I can guide you with how to use the highest level of your human design to align & bring that next level of your business through. 

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