Imagination and trust are essential to develop a relationship with your spirit guides

podcast psychic tarot unbound Sep 09, 2022

This blog carries on from the last one. If you didn't read that, I'd invite you to do so. 

I have a beautiful membership space, a spiritual space for soulpreneurs mainly, but also people who just want to develop and  really live and connect with deeper parts of themselves.  Our August module was about working with spirit guides and getting to begin the relationship and develop trust, your way of and working with them. One of the members  had a really beautiful question. 

“Whilst I'm working on this relationship with my spirit guide, how can I tell the difference between knowing that it's real and imagining? 

This is a summary of my answer. I talked about the 3d world that we live in, which comprises of  this physical world, in our physical body with our amazing minds and brains that are great for filtering information, creating concepts and analysing. All great for ‘the known.’ Amazing tools , also capable of dreaming and thinking into the future. But it's very much in the known in the what we know has happened. What we think is possible. What we feel is possible, it  is a very grounded way of being.

Whereas when you work with spirit guides, cosmic energy, and limitless potential you are working  with the quantum field The unknown,  which isn't in the 3D yet. It literally, hasn’t happened yet. 

Einstein,  pulled his amazingly accurate concepts (now scientifically proven) from the 5D, from the quantum field into the 3D, into our awareness with imagination. 

What if imagination was real in the 5D, quantum field? I believe it is. In shamanic work, imagination is real. 

When I go on a shamanic journey (like a meditation) to do a soul retrieval,  ceremony or to channel it is real,  it's is energy, possibility.  I can't  see it, or touch it,  I can't hear a booming voice saying this is the way. My imagination taps into it, filters it and then it brings it into my body. And I feel into it, and then lean into belief and trust. 

When I first started doing my Tarot readings, which is quite recently, I was missing the element of trust. I was wasn't trusting that my imagination was correct. I was in my mind,  in my head thinking, “Well, how do I know it's true?”  Whereas when you're in trust, the whole energy changes. So I did really cheap readings, so cheap that my coach told me off! But I wanted to experiment. I wanted to just feel into my way of working, to build that belief and trust.  

I got that confirmation. I can remember one reading in particular,  I saw an image so clear like the fairy godmother from the Disney film Cinderella. I saw her swirling her wand and  saying bippety boppity boo, calling people to her. This resonated 100% with her, it was so relevant. I won’t share anymore details here. My imagination ‘got it right’. I pulled something from the 3D, imagination, into the 5D, my mind. 

It was pure imagination, it wasn’t ‘real’, but that's how it came through. And I trusted, okay, that's what I got through. I'm just going to relay it. So I relayed it and it was so spot on for the soul that I was reading for. And when she told me what that related to, I couldn't believe it. Well, I did believe it, but I was like, oh my goodness, because I was playing. I wasn’t  in my head. If I was, I would have been saying something like, well, I can’t say that, I am  just imagining it. 

If I did, I would be invalidating and  ignoring so much wisdom that needs to come down. These concepts, they are not known, they're not tangible. So if they're not tangible, what are they? And so the brain that wants to know label might say, it's imagination. But this is how we get information channeled to, and through us. With belief, with trust, with openness, with pure imagination, that's where the magic is. We imagine we dream. And then we try out in this 3d world.

That's the way of working with limitless potential with the quantum field, with the unknown, the unseen that's where the magic is.When we imagine, and play with it and experiment with it in our bodies, in our thoughts, that's where it becomes manifested. Our actions in our body and this earth, our speech, our creations, our art, our poetry, our writing, our dance moves, our conversations that is all manifesting. 

That is manifesting that energy into this world. This podcast is all from my imagination. I have nothing written down,  I just trust that the right thing will come through. This podcast has never been created before. So where's it coming from? Is it coming from my mind? Is it coming from my imagination? 

I think  some of it is coming from the known, some of the concepts come from something that I've never thought about before, so where does that come from? Quite often I look back and don’t know where it came from!

In my work as a coach, healer and a human design mentor, I teach all the time that we give far too much weight to the rational mind. It is so needed in this world, absolutely. But so is imagination, dreams,  being open, trusting and surrender.

If I try to figure out with my mind where I would be in terms of my business this time last year, I would not have believed you.

It all started off with me following my joy and then asking myself in my imagination. What if I did …… ? What would my life look like? What would my life feel like? How do I want my life to feel? 

In my imagination, I set a seed. I set a seed in the quantum field in the 5D,  then I take aligned action towards it. It becomes real. 

Every day I live the life of my dreams more and more. I'm not living the life of my known before,  I'm living the life of my dreams because it comes from there first. Doesn't it? And that's your imagination.

You don't need to know everything. You don't need to have it all figured out. You can dream and believe and trust and be open to that dream becoming part of your life. 

Some of you might be reading this, thinking what a rambling! Yes, it is,  however, it might be worth coming back to this again in a few months time. 

Because these words will activate something in you. It will activate a part of you that will believe in more possibility, and I’m so excited for you for that. 

Sending so much love, take care. Bye. K xxx

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