How to make non toxic dishwasher tablets

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I know, such a sexy post!

But..I love making these beauties for many reasons, they tick a lot of boxes for me as part of my non toxic, non-self, family and earth harming lifestyle.

My aim, is to live well and long, to take daily steps towards protecting this beautiful planet and keeping toxins out of the family home and my children's precious bodies. 

The video shows you how I make the dishwasher tablets.

About 25 years ago, I learnt that fabric conditioner can take up to 800 years to biodegrade. Yes! This long because it is not natural! I immediately stopped using it, we don't need it, I didn't want my actions to cause that harm to the planet.

Following having breast cancer twice, I looked at toxins for myself, it makes sense really that if something is going harm the environment, it will be harmful for our bodies. But I didn't put the two together.

I learnt that anything with perfume fragrance, perfume is not what we want around us on on our bodies.

Now I look into getting toxins out of our lives at every level, so that they won't harm mine or my families health. It has been like Alice going down the rabbit hole. This will be a separate blog, keep an eye out for it, looking at perfume/parfum/fragrance. 

My investigations have led me to feeling quite angry in the past about the lies that big business feed us, and are allowed to feed us (by agencies and the government) for MONEY. People really do make money by selling us products that actively harm our health. 

Today I will focus on dishwasher cleaners, the video above has all the info that you will need and tips for consistency and some info about toxins.

To make the tablets 

Combine 1/4 cup of CITRIC ACID with 1 cup of BICARBONATE OF SODA, then add 1Tbsp of Onguard Cleaner Concentrate, combine as per video and set in silicone moulds for about 4 hours. 

I am a doTERRA wellness Advocate, I use and sell doTERRA products because they are pure, because they have transparency with the testing procedures, so we can see what it is in each bottle, because of their heart, the charitable work they do, and their ethics. They are pure. Because they will only benefit me, not harm me. 

If you would like to learn more and start to weave non toxic and beneficial oils into your life, you can click on the link in the sidebar or contact me below. 

Please note that doTERRA do not authorise sale of their products on amazon, just through Wellness Advocates, so my teachings only apply to this. Please do not follow my advice with regular oils.

Sending love Karen xxx 

PS: If you would like to learn more about essential oils you can get some free e-books, an emotions masterclass and contact me by CLICKING HERE.




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