Why full moon rituals are good for the soul and your emotional health.

full moon ritual soothe Dec 18, 2021
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Life, years, months, weeks can pass like a blur. There are some moments when we are present that seem to last forever, those moments, when you have a deep exhale and time seems like it is suspended. 

What if you had 2 deep reflective pauses a month? Just for you?

As a yoga teacher, essential oil educator and life/spiritual business coach, my clients and students tell me all the time how they don't have any time for themselves. Not even 5 minutes a day. 

I could write all day about time, but that's for another day. We all have more time for ourselves than we think, it comes down to self worth. priorities and boundaries. (I run an amazing group coaching program on all of this, click YOU ARE ENOUGH in the side bar)

Having a lunar ritual twice a month is a powerful way to start to get more space for yourself, more self care and inner awareness. Some space and inner work is essential for our mental emotional and energetic wellness. 

I use and teach lunar rituals to really connect inwards, to see what we can let go of and what we want to bring into our lives. Without awareness of both, we just carry on how we are, spinning around in never ending circles. No growth, no progression, maybe not as much joy as we would like, or ease. This is such an exhausting state to be in, it leads to unhappiness, low mood, emotional and mental wellness, low energy and often burnout. ( Yes, I am talking from experience)

I am going to give you my FULL MOON practise below to begin to go inwards. The moon, is feminine energy the unseen, a perfect time to go within our souls and our ego's, to see how we really are. 

I think of these times like a catch up with a best friend, who always asks how you are and listens deeply, who cares, who holds space without judgement, and lashings of compassion. You can be that for yourself.

Each new and full moon are flavoured by the planets that the moon is in at that time. Different aspects of our psyche, our gifts and our shadows bubble up to the surface to be healed or to be utilised. 

The ritual I am giving you below is a generic one, without the extra flavour. I teach specific rituals with specific questions each month in my UNBOUND portal (again all in the side bar of this blog).

My hope is that you feel the effects of slowing down and going within, of getting to know yourself a little better and maybe, just maybe, your soul, energy, heart and body starts to crave more of these times. This is where the healing and the souls evolution happens. One thought, one ritual at a time, these moments build and become part of your life.

The Full moon is a time to reflect and pause. You can do one or all of the steps in the ritual, or maybe build up, it is your practise. do what feels right and with what you have. It is your consideration for yourself and the space that you dedicate to yourself that matters. 


1. Cleanse your energy and space with sound, sage or palo santo

2. Gaze at the moon. If you can't see her, you can gaze in the direction that she is, and be outside for a few moments, or you can view her live online. Slow your breath down and set the intention to nurture yourself and journey inwards. 

3. Light a candle (non-toxic/soy wax)

4. Ask yourself the following questions and journal.

a) What do you feel limits you at the moment, what is triggering you or niggling you? What drains you? Don't hold back, let it all flow out. 

b) Out of this list what is the one thing that would mean the most to you to soften or to let go of. 

c) If anything else comes out, let it. Keep going. Often when you start, it can be a bit like a floodgate has been opened.

d) If anything comes up for you, any feelings, let it, let them flow, let the energy that you have buried come out. It is healing. Tears are healing. Emotions should be allowed to be felt so that they can pass through. 

5. Burn or bury your list in the garden or a plant pot, let Mother Earth take that energy to transform it. 

6. Have some water

7. Have a ritual to close, either an essential oil protocol, some breath work or meditation

I would love to know how that went to felt, connect with me in social media and let me know. 

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Sending love Karen xxx

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