Developing your intuition will deepen your soulful leadership

Sep 08, 2023

 Welcome to this space where I share my journey, so that you can understand the essence of intuitive leadership, how it evolved 20 years ago, and why it's my purpose to guide you in this transformative path.

Two decades ago, I embarked on a shamanic and psychic exploration under the guidance of a wonderful mentor. This path led me to learn how to open and cleanse chakras, and a remarkable turn occurred when my mentor asked me to journey with her. I entered her world, witnessing what she saw – a rare gift. She entrusted me with the keys to intuitive leadership, and my path was illuminated.

In my journey, I have worn many hats – from building an in-person business a yoga studio and taken a few other paths. Now I am circling back to my true purpose. To guide heart and soul-led entrepreneurs in awakening their intuition, reconnecting with the wild intuitive within.

Intuitive Leadership: A Journey of Deconditioning

Intuitive leadership is a journey tailored for you, a journey of reconnection with your innate intuitive, psychic, and wild self. Society's patriarchal and capitalist constructs have led us astray from our authentic selves, pressuring us into hustle, stifling our intuition, and steering us away from surrender and trust.

Deconditioning is vital, transcending the noise of the mind and immersing in the wisdom of the body. As a yoga teacher, I've walked the path of embodiment, guiding individuals to leave their heads and venture into their bodies – a journey I'm uniquely poised to facilitate.

The Path Unveiled: Intuitive Tools for Transformation

As an intuitive leader, I offer you a sacred portal, a space to reconnect to your intuitive abilities and your soul's power. Our journey together involves a profound transformation:

  1. Session of Connection: Through soul readings and cord orientation, we lay the foundation for our journey.
  2. Soul Retrieval: I'll conduct a soul retrieval remotely, retrieving parts of your energy aligned with your journey.
  3. Base Chakra Empowerment: Align your base chakra, cultivating the safety needed to take leaps.
  4. Sacral and Dialing: Work with the pendulum to align and attune your sacral chakra.
  5. Heart and Crystal Gazing: Discover the magic of crystal meditation and psychometry to empower your heart.
  6. Throat and Psychometry: Strengthen your voice and attune to psychometric energies.
  7. Brow and Clear Sight: Open your third eye to clarity and intuitive channeling.
  8. Crown and Connection: Strengthen your connection with the divine through the crown chakra.
  9. Integration and Initiation: A ceremonial rite of passage to recognize your transformation.

Why Now? Why Intuitive Leadership?

Intuitive leadership isn't an addition to your business; it's a soul-level shift that ignites your magnetism and purpose. Imagine a business guided by intuitive decision-making, a life that flows, and a connection to source energy that surpasses the intellect. By stepping into your power, you resonate with your true voice, create from the heart, and illuminate the path for others.

Embrace the Unseen: Your Intuitive Journey Awaits

As we tread this unseen path, transformation is inevitable. You'll unfurl into your true essence, and I'll be your guide, attuning you to intuitive tools, channeling energy, and embarking on a journey of deconditioning and reconnection.

I invite you to listen to the whispers of your intuition, to explore this calling, and to connect with me for an inquiry call. Our connection isn't a sales call; it's a heart-centred conversation to determine if this journey resonates with your soul.

Reconnect with your essence, your Intuitive leadership and journey into the world of endless possibilities. Rise as the magnetic, intuitive leader that is inside of you, impacting our life, business, and the collective in profound ways.

Let me know if you have any questions, sending love Karen xxx

PS: Learn more about the Intuitive Leader HERE, or schedule a call with me HERE.


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