A story about what is possible, when you believe

abundance believe dream judgement manifestation podcast Aug 26, 2022

I have a story to tell you, to illuminate the embodiment of some of the lessons that I have learnt after many years of study of the Yogic Philosophies, temporarily applied as my ego softens, and embodied, until my ego dominates again. 

When the ego takes over, we can get into a place of judgment against others, we might not always realise it, but if we judge ourselves, we will be judging others. Innately, we will be judging and comparing ourselves against the other, against somebody else against the standard. 

Really all these standards, they aren’t real, they are all man made, constructs. But, it takes devotion to yourself and your soul, to deconstruct your beliefs. Since my episodes with cancer, I have devoted myself to that for myself.  As I've journeyed through that, I've devoted myself even more to be the light to guide people, to do that for themselves. It lights me up and as a generator fuels me. 

I was on holiday, this year (July 2022),  enjoying a spiritual magazine and there were lots of articles that I was reading.  I love learning from everybody, even if I know the subject matter really well, somebody can always inspire me or make me think differently. Because, everybody sees everything differently. 

So, I was reading lots of different articles and because I have studied so many things, I  had a realisation that I could have written those articles, or  been interviewed. I realised that I used to look up to people in magazines and now I was seeing them as my equal. There is no better than. It was the simple acceptance of my mastery and my knowledge and my years of study. 

Something that I don’t always, I don’t always celebrate myself. I remember that I did in that moment, I simply sat there and thought, I could really do this. 

As humans, we innately judge and have the tendency to putting ourselves below and above others dependent on social constructs.  I have been working on releasing this for a while. So that moment, was big for me.  

What made what I am going to tell you about more magical, was the fact that a few weeks before,  I had been imagining where I want to go in life and business, I was really feeling into what I love doing.  

I love doing human design, readings. I know that I can do them so beautifully and I can coach people in that moment, I can read them, I have my intuition, my psychic abilities, I can give the perfect reading in that moment for the soul in front of me to deliver them the information I believe they're here to receive.

I believe that with all my heart, because I believe that my work is a collaboration with the universe. So in that way, my ego can't take it all on, my ego can soften. This has taken a lot of pressure off, my life is a collaboration. In human design, I am here to respond. 

People are sent to me who need to be with me. I'm not here to hustle or initiate. It's literally a collaboration of energy, this really takes the pressure off, enables my ego to settle. I trust that the right people are in front of me, and I'm the right person in front of them. It's just a beautiful, beautiful way of working in flow. And I'm so here for it, and I want others to step into their flow. 

So I leant into the fact that I want to do this with more people. I want to be known as one of the human design experts in the UK. I really felt it, then I  let it go. It was just a thought, but it was a real crystal clear thought with pure heart and pure joy and pure acceptance, and also celebration of where I've got to and how I've stepped through the world.

With the surrender, I didn't think, oh, what can I do to get myself to be the UK expert? I didn't think any of that. I just released it. I just let it go. It was a beautiful thought.I just let it go. It's my pure crystal clear intention because I sincerely believe I'm here for this. This is part of what I'm here for. And this is where the magic happened, the next day on Instagram, I received a message from a beautiful journalist who I've had some amazing conversations with saying, I find you quite interesting. I'd love to interview you.

So we had a chat and really resonated, we talked about so many things. She said to me, I just love the way you speak about human design. She pitched to a few magazines, and I will be featured in a couple of nationwide spiritual and wellbeing magazines. With one of the features on human design. 

We are just in the process of firming up one article, which will be released next year. I told her, I told her about all of the above and we talked about manifestation about my belief and how I believe we manifest. After our call I got an email from her,  telling me how she got off the call with me,  and an editor of a magazine that I love, asked her if she knew anyone, who could talk about manifestation and do some articles with her. And she was like, yes, I do. I've just spoken to one of them! 

I know some souls who are healing this will think that I am just so lucky.

I don't believe that. 

I believe that I've done the work to be aware of my judgements and to be okay with the fact that I judge as a human. There's a great book, judgment detox by Gabriel Bernstein. It changed everything because it helped me be aware that I judge, but, I don't want to go down that route. With my yogic training, there is the deep belief that we are all one, and if we're all one, how can we be better than another? It is  just the ego. So it's about partnering with the ego. I've done the work.  I've been curious with my mind about my beliefs. I've gone there. I've shone a light. I’m working with my shadows.

I see the thoughts that aren't so nice and pure, and yogic, they are very much  there. I'm no angel, but  I have  taken radical responsibility for my healing, my limiting mindset, the beliefs that aren't real for moving past, through or with the shadows. 

This is the work that the beautiful souls that I coach and mentor and read for are here for as well, without that work, that opportunity would not have happened to me.

The final piece for me, has been really embodying and living my human design,  letting go and trusting that the right people, the right opportunities will come in front of me whilst I take aligned action in my joy. 

When I wait for this synchronicity, it doesn't mean that I'm not doing anything. I am. I'm creating all the time. I'm showing up all the time, but I'm not trying to control it all anymore. I trust that the universe will just answer and it will give me what is for my best interest and the highest good of all. I truly believe that. And that's a real surrendering, it is exquisite, because I don't have to control it all. As a recovering control freak, that is so such a beautiful lesson to embody.

So if you think, oh, she's lucky. That would never happen to me. I want to tell you hands on heart, that used to be me, jealous, the old green eyed monster, looking at people who were where I wanted to be. Thinking that they are so lucky. It's okay for them because of this, this, this, and this. I haven't got this, this, this, they have. I realised that, and I really took this on. I can't remember who told it me or where I got it from, but I remember reading or hearing that when you admire someone or even start to be jealous of them, it's because they have something that you have inside of you. It's just like a magnifying glass or a mirror saying here, you've got this, or you're going to go there, or you're hiding that light, that part of you.

I am so in awe of this inner work, or the spiritual side of life, in a place of imagination. It’s just magical. 

I hope this inspires some belief in yourself and magic. You have it all too, we are no different. 

Sending love K xxx

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