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Beautiful, tired, busy soul... stop a moment, something has brought you here ...

Does life feel more than a little rushed right now?

Are you low on energy?

Is the only exercise that you do running, weights, hatha, vinyasa yoga or classes that make you sweat?

Is this busy-ness and continually keeping going regardless affecting your emotions and your wellness? 

Signs that it is ...

-Not sleeping well, or waking up feeling like you haven't slept at all

-Feeling short tempered, easily irritated, frustrated, tearful

-Low energy

-You get ill a lot and feel run down

-You feel tired and wired

-It feels a bit like groundhog fay like you are stuck in an endless loop...

...these are just a few symptoms that occur when the body is in a stress response too much of the time. Sometimes we don't realise that it is. It has become the norm.

The body, mind and energy needs time and space to reset...

I have the perfect antidote ...

YIN YOGA is a floor based practice, using props if needed (blankets, cushions, pillow, blocks, books).

In Yin Yoga, we work on the deep connective tissue (fascia) in the body and the joints, to keep them mobile and as healthy as possible, we make space to reset the hunched over mobile phone and always on zoom posture that is taking over our bodies.

Each shape will be held between 1-5 minutes. This creates a time to go inside and really connect with yourself. A very powerful form of self healing. This system works alongside the Chinese Meridians (which are worked on in Acupuncture) to move the energy and keep it free flowing.

In Yin, we place ourselves in shapes to stimulate these meridians which balance our emotions and also improve the function of our internal organs.

Whilst in a Yin class, we slow down the breath, there is the option to use essential oils, we mediate and we STOP. It is like having a RESET button for your life. 

In these classes, you don't need energy or any special equipment to show up, just space to lie down and put your arms out, zoom, and blankets, pillows, cushions and maybe a hot water bottle.

AND you must tell anyone living with you to leave you alone for 1 HOUR! Yes, you deserve some space and this is the start of developing boundaries, let me have one hour to myself. 

There are different ways of working with me. 

There is the option of a MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP or DROP IN CLASSES.

The On-Line Real Time Classes are such a lovely way to stay connected,  I teach intuitively to the energy and needs of the beautiful students in front of me. You get blissfully calm and relaxed and then don't have to disturb that to travel anywhere! It's the best! 

The LIVE Classes are on THURSDAY'S 7-8.00 pm


There are no classes on these dates:-

10th August

The classes run in zoom, the link to access the studio will be emailed to you when you book your class. 

Tips: -
-Download Zoom app register, enable audio and video.
-The studio will open 5 minutes before for community, support, and to ask any questions etc.

If you like music, I send you some links to a choice of Spotify playlists, you are welcome to play these whilst the class is in flow, as you will be muted for the class, at the beginning and end we will have the space to speak. 

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Book a DROP IN YIN Class £8.50
What Slow Down Live Deeply Yogi's Say.... AND READ MORE CLICK HERE
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Breathe in...Breathe out
Let it go....
One of the things that I have taken away from one of Karen's classes today, amongst other things such as her words of wisdom , from both books,  and also her own experience . Karen's classes are more than just a "yoga class ", if you want to know why, then book a class, take part, have a go and see how you feel. Thank you Karen, I am so glad I had the courage a year ago to book a Yoga class with you. 
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I met Karen after a friend mentioned following her on Instagram. I found her yoga class easy to follow, some lovely elements of fun and very spiritual. I’ve also signed up for an essential oils training session, and as part of this Karen has spent time and given consideration to my individual needs. She has been very caring, compassionate and  respectful and I’m really grateful to her for this. I also find her posts interesting, informative and encouraging, and they help remind me of my core values. Thank you and I look forward to attending many more sessions.

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At a time when not a lot is the same, Bamboo virtual yoga classes have kept one thing constant in my life - yoga. It's also brought my yoga practice home. Until recently it was something I did, and enjoyed, outside the home. I'm now practising yoga and relaxation in a new environment but feeling even more part of a community. The virtual hatha and yin classes I sign up for are now my opportunity not only to relax, find peace of mind and enjoy yoga and its many benefits, but its also my time to connect, feel reassured and supported. Thank you Karen xx" 

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Welcome. I'm Karen the founder, I have been practising yoga for well over 25 years, I qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga BWYQ Level 4 500 hours yoga teacher training and have so many more teachings under my belt (i'm a bit addicted to learning) .

I love teaching yoga as I know how much it helps me and is such a big part of my lifestyle. It is a transformative, healing, and empowering experience.

I have also had breast cancer twice and several surgeries, so I really understand the impact that life can have on the body and emotions and the healing power of yoga. 

As I am always learning and healing myself, I cannot stop teaching!

I am also a life coach, essential oil educator and holistic therapist, teaching and sharing the tools that keep me going, have you the saying ...I bend so I don't's yoga that keeps me bendy in body and mind.